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Everybody has a dream to look good, be fit and healthy.  However, this dream has been blocked by unhealthy food options and a perceived lack of time and energy to hit the gym. People are frustrated. OLR understands this and has a plan. We have strategies to help you reshape your mind and body back to healthy and fit. Your dream becomes reality. 

How to Get Started

1. Book A Detailed Body Composition Scan


Discover your lean body mass, body fat mass & percentage, visceral fat level plus much more!

2. Get a Personalized Fat-Loss Plan


A combination of results from your scan, meal analysis and fitness assessment will be used to customize your fat-loss plan.

3. Train with OLR


Your success is our goal.  Losing fat and gaining muscle can be challenging.  OLR understands this and with our sound coaching strategies and guidance, you will overcome hurdles to reach your goals.

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What We Do


Body composition scanning

Check your health in 60 seconds WITHOUT the invasive pinching! Our professional body composition analyzer is 100% non-invasive and provides information for over 40 different measuring parameters such as visceral fat level, fat and lean mass, total body water, fitness age, bone mineral content, protein and much more. This information is analyzed in real time through the Evolt Active tracking app and provides a wealth of information directly related to diet and exercise. 


Nutrition & fitness coaching

A combination of changes in both eating and exercise habits is necessary for improve health, body composition and performance.  OLR takes a practical approach to coaching that is tailored to fit your lifestyle.  This involves a personal consultation to gather comprehensive information and baseline measures of your health, nutrition and fitness levels including general health issues, dietary status, body composition, fitness and flexibility. This information is summarized and discussed with you. Then, goals and programming for both nutrition and fitness are outlined. Ongoing coaching and accountability are provided in the form of regular goal setting and body composition monitoring to set you up for success towards being healthy at any age.  If you have fallen off the diet and exercise wagon AGAIN, let OLR help you get healthy and fit once and for all...indefinitely.


Body sculpting

Spot treat fat? Yes, now you can. With cutting-edge technology, we are able to tighten, smooth and sculpt your body with non-invasive treatments that are safe, painless and yield immediate results. We use this treatment for those in need of a quick fix for a special occasion like a physique competition, wedding or beach vacation.  So, if you're looking to  rapidly spot-treat stubborn areas of fat, cellulite and sagging skin (e.g., tummy, hips, thighs, arms), contact us for a consultation. **Not recommended for general weight loss or excessive fat loss.  Instead, choose a program that focuses on healthy eating and regular exercise.

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Who We Are

Leslie Roland • Caring Coach


Leslie's nutrition and fitness coaching approach is results-driven to improve health, performance and body composition.  Your health goals are taken seriously in an environment that is safe, non-judgemental and client-centered.  She is committed keeping you on track, accountable and motivated to reach your goals.

Your Success Is Our Goal


We understand that adapting new eating and exercise habits is difficult and often times fails. Our goal is to change your view on this, so that it becomes apart of who you are and your lifestyle. We strongly believe that if you practice healthy habits, you will be able to obtain a healthy lifestyle. With years of experience and success, we are capable of analyzing your body to create a nutrition and exercise plan that will help you reach your goals.  

Be a role model of health and fitness for those around you, especially your children.

Inspire them to be healthy and fit, too!

Results & Testimonials (actual OLR clients)

"Leslie is the high point in my week."

"She continues to motivate and inspire me with challenging new workouts, cutting-edge nutritional information and genuine interest in me!"

~Lisa B.

"Because of Leslie & OLR, everyone in my life has seen the change..."

"and now I've become an inspiration to them!  Even my daughter is on the path to a healthier lifestyle." ~Rene B

"I have worked with other trainers in the past and..."

"and I have to say, Leslie is a 'get it done' kinda lady! In just 2.5 weeks I lost 8 lbs. and 7 inches and I feel amazing." ~Melanie R.

"It feels great to know Leslie cares about my success..."

"and has the knowledge, kind and professional approach to unlock my full potential."

 ~Aniko D.

"Leslie is a good listener..."

who gets to the bottom of what you're trying to accomplish. She has the right tools, information and care for people that gets them results." ~Dexter R.

"I was celebrating a milestone birthday and... "

wanted to look my best.  Leslie pushed me to limits that I would never have been able to push myself to. I felt fantastic on my birthday and proud of all the hard work I had put in, and Leslie was paramount in helping me reach my goal." ~Sandy B.


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